Tokamak Labs is a tech development firm focused on decentralization and AI

We gather like-minded people with inter-disciplinary skills to build impact-making products and services by innovating across multiple design domains as a whole.

The world as we all know today is run on software. By challenging the status-quo, we can solve today's most challenging problems with open and trust-worthy systems powered by decentralized governance, and that's our only mission.

We work with people who share the same vision of the world and help them succeed by providing our in-depth understanding and experience in building complex software (and hardware) systems, ranging from programming language, compiler, virtual machine, machine learning, blockchain system, AI / machine learning to Intelligence-of-Things.

So what's your grand vision? and what's your superpower? If you have one that might change the world, we should definitely talk.

Mark, Founder & CEO, Tokamak Labs


Decentralized AI

The JARVIS Platform

JARVIS.AI is the world's first decentralized AI blockchain platform that serves as the extended digital nervous system to power your cyber-physical world with cognitive intelligence

As a decentralized platform for cognitive intelligence, JARVIS is designed to curate intelligence collectively by creating a marketplace for machine learning developers, knowledge curators, app developers, and GPU miners to work together while incentivizing all participants via a value exchange network powered by blockchain technology..

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Unified Blockchain Framework


STARK is the unified C++ framework for building blockchain and DApps. As of today, most blockchain development is heavily coupled to the underlying consensus engine and the virtual machine implementation without clear API and modular design of responsibility, which in turn leads to lots of duplication of similar engineering works with limited flexibility.

STARK decouples the design of blockchain system into multiple facets and provides a simple and clean API to provide an easy path of swapping or upgrading each of the individual component (eg. consensus engine or virtual machine) without major refactoring.

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Intellect Programming Language


THOR is a new multi-paradigm programming language design to build true artificial intelligence system on a decentralized infrastructure. THOR is designed to do contract programming, neuron/tensor programming, and logic programming. The syntax allows programmer to define end-to-end differentiable graph (like a tensor graph), differentiable logics and inferencing rules operating on knowledge graph, fully deterministic contract that specify the behavior between models and agents, and any interaction in-between all three execution domains.

Based on years of research and development, THOR comes with its own compiler and virtual machine (VM) running on heterogeneous system with GPU and even taking advantage of future AI ASIC. THOR is the very first viable intelligence contract programming language.

Source Code Whitepaper Website


We Are Hiring !

Although our office is located in the heart of Taipei City, Taiwan, we are a remote-friendly company, and most of the engineering positions can be offered as remote one as long as there's no time-zone issue.
For talents outside Taiwan, relocation reimbursement is also available if you considered to have an adventure in Asia .Interested? Please send your resume to hr {at}


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